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Rise and Unite: The Sunrise Challenge at F3 Fishhawk


WHEN: June 16, 2023

WHERE: Cross Park

Today’s workout at F3 Fishhawk was an intense and invigorating experience. With the sun shining brightly overhead and the humidity adding an extra challenge, the dedicated PAX gathered at Cross Park, ready to push their limits and support each other.

The workout began with a dynamic warm-up led by our Q (Susie), ensuring that our bodies were prepared for the physical demands ahead. Various stretching exercises and light cardio movements got our blood pumping and our muscles warmed up.

After the warm-up, we were split into groups, each led by a seasoned F3 brother. This allowed for a more personalized experience and facilitated the formation of new bonds within the group.

Throughout the workout, the camaraderie and support among the PAX were palpable. Encouragement filled the air as participants pushed through their perceived limits and achieved new personal bests. The atmosphere was one of positivity, accountability, and brotherhood, embodying the core principles of F3.

As the session drew to a close, a cool-down period allowed the PAX to catch their breath and reflect on their accomplishments. The QIC led the group in stretching exercises to promote flexibility and aid in muscle recovery.

The workout concluded with a Circle of Trust (COT), where prayer intentions and personal reflections were shared. The PAX expressed gratitude for the opportunity to gather, grow, and support one another on their fitness journeys and in their personal lives.

SYITG (See You In The Gloom),

Welcome to F3 Fishhawk

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